Back to Karaoke

Friday night John ran the karaoke and he started off with some dance music where a couple was seen dancing the samba which is rarely seen these days. There was also hustle, swing and Foxtrot. That was the warm up and then people started to sing their favorite songs. Many of the singers blasted out songs on a professional level which sounded like you were at a concert. Of course Adam the owner got up and belted out two or three songs and he surprised himself by being an entertainer not only the owner. A wonderful time was had by all.

Saturday night Frank ran the karaoke and it was more of the same with some different people singing which made it more interesting and exciting. George got up to sing and was asked to sing,  “Far Far Away”. He said it’s good thing he had some acting ability so he put over a song.  Along with some great singers we always a few that just want to sing no matter what. Next week George is going to sing this new song, ” Get Your Ear Plugs”. Lets all come to Baby Ray’s this Friday and Saturday night and enjoy the fun.


One thought on “Back to Karaoke

  1. I really had a great time singing and dancing the night away. I love being with Adam and Monica and all my friends. John sang wonderful and so did Ralph and Frankie, Lillian and many others. Adele was great taking care of the bar. Making sure we were all happy.

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